The McDowell Family at Home in Brookhaven

The McDowell Family North Haven GAThe McDowell’s have always admired the Brookhaven neighborhood, its parks, location, and felt it would be a great place to live and raise a family. When it came time to buy a home, they didn’t have far to look.

The McDowells love to vacation as a family, whether it is a trip to the lake, the Florida Panhandle, a coastal vacation on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf coast, or Betsy’s hometown of New Orleans, water is never far from the equation.
But, no matter how great the “get-away” they always love coming home to Brookhaven!

“See you around town!” – The McDowell Family

Thank you Mark Urbano, for including us in the North Haven magazine. We love our community!

Link here to read the complete article from the North Haven magazine.