Alert: Wood Boring Beetles Found in Brookhaven!

City ALERT from Brookhaven.

Both Southern Pine Beetles and Asian Ambrosia Beetles have been detected in the City of Brookhaven as well as the entire metro Atlanta area, and pose a threat to both healthy and stressed trees.

boring_beetles_in_brookhaven_the_mcdowell_groupAccording to Brookhaven’s City Arborist, Pine Beetles have been found in the areas of Ragley Hall Road, North Thompson Road, D’Youville Condominiums, Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Peachtree Road at Brookhaven Lane, Cambridge Park, Waddleston Way, and E. Osborne Road.  Ambrosia Beetles have been noted in the areas of Granger Drive, Bailiff Court/Osborne Road and Drew Valley Road.

Brookhaven’s City Arborist suggests the following steps:

  1. Keep trees healthy and watered. Water trees at least twice a week in the evenings (even if it’s with grey water from showers.
  2. Consult with a certified arborist about preventative treatments such as bark spray, but note that it’s not 100 percent effective as it cannot reach higher points.
  3. Avoid pruning pine trees if possible as the chemicals released attract the beetles.
  4. If lightning strikes a pine tree, remove it.
  5. Trees infested with pine beetles should be removed and burned or chipped on site.
  6. Do not place the pine wood chips anywhere near pine trees.
  7. Do not store cut pine logs for outdoor fireplaces unless they are under sealed tarps for three months.
  8. Trees infested with Asian Ambrosia Beetles should be removed and burned, and trunks should be treated with an insecticide labeled for this pest.
  9. If you suspect a beetle infestation, report it on Brookhaven Connect under the category “Trees (Dead/Diseased/Hazardous)” to allow the City Arborist to track the problem, as well as confirm the tree is diseased and should be removed.
  10. Residents and businesses are not required to obtain a tree removal application if the tree has an infestation as verified by a certified arborist.

Click here for more information on the dangers these insects post, signs of infestation, as well as solutions.

The above information provided by the City of Brookhaven. They are working hard to keep their residents up to speed with what’s going on in their city. Please take a moment to forward this information on to anyone you know who wants to stay up-to-date with Brookhaven’s happenings and let them know they can sign up here.